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Pressure Washing SERVICES


Pressure Washing BENEFITS

Regular pressure washing is important to save costs on future breakdowns and repairs. Trust our trained professionals to pressure wash your property safely and effectively, with environmentally friendly methods! Here are some other great benefits of pressure washing:

  • Prevent Damage - Leaving your property without proper cleaning allows for the build-up of dirt, grime, and moss over time. This will slowly erode any surface and damage its surface area. Save yourself the headache and enjoy a worry-free wash!

  • Improve Property Value - Mighty Mick's will shine up your home, garage floor, driveway, deck/patio, outdoor furniture, sidewalks, fascia & soffits, and vehicles. This will drastically improve your curb appeal and increase the value of your home whether you plan on selling or enjoying its comfort!

  • Save time and energy - Achieving a clean property takes time and energy to acquire the appropriate equipment, utilize extension ladders, and manoeuvre a high-powered gas pressure washer. It also takes time to clear off patio furniture, remove garage belongings, and prep an area for cleaning. Rather than spending a few days cleaning your property, allow us to complete your work in a few hours!

  • Save money - An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Taking regular action on keeping your property clean will save you substantial recovery costs down the road.

  • Avoid Injury - Using a gas-powered pressure washer can be very taxing on the body. Additionally, any contact with a high-powered spray can leave some pretty gruesome injuries! The risk of slipping, falling from a ladder, or falling from a roof can leave you with serious injuries. Leave it to the pros to keep you safe and get the job done properly!

Mighty Mick's will address every surface that needs washing, leaving you with an appealing and clean area!  

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